Thursday, December 13, 2012

choose your own adventure

heading to slap state (michigan) next week. so this week, i've been all over the place with tunes of/from the D.

decided to put a couple of my favorites in a video of riding the train, el, loop, light rail, people mover! in detroit

Option 1: "dillatroit" - old j dilla remixes

People Make The World Go 'Round - Carl Craig Innerzone Orchestra (J88 remix)
Untitled/Fantastic Instrumental - Slum Village
Purple - Crustation (J Dilla remix)

Melo Mover from Butter Thief on Vimeo.

Option 2: "snakes on a train" - songs from the detroit cobras

silver and gold
out of this world
insane asylum

Glove Letter from Butter Thief on Vimeo.

Option 3: "greetings from michigan, the great lake state" - songs from sufjan stevens

oh detroit, lift up your weary head

Weary Head from Butter Thief on Vimeo.

Safe Travels.


1 comment:

EJ said...

Yeah man! Good stuff...did you make those videos yourself?? Good to see a shout out for Motown. Right on, J!