Friday, June 18, 2010

live shows

Big couple of days for live music for me. I checked out Neon Indian at Music Hall of Williamsburg last night, tonight is Kurt Vile at Union Pool, Saturday night is the Morning Benders playing a free show on Governor's Island, and Sunday is Grizzly Bear and Band of Horses outside on the East River park. The only one I might not make is the Morning Benders as I hear getting out to Governor's Island via the water taxis when there is a free show is a nightmare, with huge lines. But I dig that band and the weather is supposed to be nice, so we'll see. I'll be blogging, twittering, facebooking and anything else meta and modern to share my urgent opinions on each show. No, I'm fucking around, I'm not going to do any of that, but maybe I'll post again about some of the shows. Actually I'm pretty damn hungover from partying at the Neon Indian show. I saw Here we Go Magic at the same venue for the album release party a few weeks ago and it was disappointing. I dig that band for the Peter Gabriel/Animal Collective/indie-world beat vibe, but they were WAY too loud and their new material sounds like too many other indie bands. Plus their bassist, in a tiny black micro-skirt, was hot to the point of distraction. Damn. But Neon Indian were the opposite. I thought it might be just the main guy, Alan Palomo, in front of a laptop as I thought I heard he recorded the whole thing himself, but he had a cool band with him and tons of rock-star stage presence and the crowd was way into it, really fun show. Writing this is taxing my brain and I gotta get back to work, but the Pitchfork link to their review of his album gives you all the info you need on the music, including labels like, chillwave, glo-fi, hypnagogic pop, and hipster-gogic pop. You'll also learn that the dude's father was a cheezy 80s Mexican pop star--how's that for hipster indie cred? I especially like the line about the music "capturing the glamor and bleary malaise of being young and horny". Yup. Okay, I'm gonna try to get me some coconut water.

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