Friday, May 11, 2012

Will Sessions

OOOOOOOOooooEEEEE sookie sookie now!

I’m really really feeling Will Sessions, this 5-piece out of Detroit.  They are very much in the vein of The Breakestra, The El Michael Affair, etc. if y’all are feeling that.

They did an album that’s on Spotify covering all the tracks from Nas “Illmatic” that I listened to on back to back to back to back repeat today.  They have a newer one out called "Kindred: a Tribute to the Pioneers of Jazz Fusion” that is more elusive online, which I will be on the lookout for on vinyl or even (gasp) getting on iTunes.  Check these YouTube joints out of them live:

God damn!  I love how the drummer has a snare, kick, hi hat and ride/crash.  Boom.   Also really feeling the percussionist/sampler role.  I guess there's nothing too revolutionary going on here, but these guys HAVE IT.  I am really feeling this.

Here’s some other stuff:

Feel it!



Pete said...

Holy Shit! Awesome! Thankee Sai!

shadow of shathragot said...

This is great stuff! I looked this up on Itunes.