Sunday, October 21, 2012

best of/current # 1 jams

a couple musicians I know and admire got best of props in the village voice the other day. Kevin Shea got best drummer, Weasel Walter's ugExplode got best record label, and Dave Buddin got best composer. Buddin getting best composer is kind of extraordinary in that the guy really does not market himself and is really kind of an odd genius operating at the fringes. Dave's got a strong southern drawl, color-blindness and, uh, enjoys a drink. He's an eccentric in the Charles Ives tradition of American music, blending serious atonal compositions with a strong compulsion for satire and an undercurrent of Americana that is both nostalgia and sneer. There is a link to the music on the description of his page and it's worth checking out, so is the stuff with American Liberty League.

In other news, here are my two #1 jams going right now, mid-fall, 2012:

Ducktails, "surf's up": Ducktails is the side-project of one of the guys in Real Estate, this is the last song one the self-titled album, ten minutes or so of beautiful, ambient music.

Frank Ocean, "pyramids": That Ducktails song is 100% in my wheel-house and anyone who knows my taste in music would nod and not be surprised I've been listening to it several times a day for the last couple of weeks. Not sure about this one, and I realize I might be exposing myself to some ridicule, but this is a really bad-ass song. It's also about 10 minutes long and at the half-way mark its time to grab your lady and get your relax on, you guys, "working at the pyramids tonight".....

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