Monday, March 4, 2013

DC Mega Post...

... the blog post also known as "all this shit is on Spotify (tm)."

DJ Day

DJ Day (or just "Day" if you are searching on Spotify) is dope.  The Turntablelab quote said: "taking what Dj Shadow did with Endtroducing and throwing it into a mixing bowl with Sungoddess era Ramsey Lewis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and YNQ era Madlib."  Uh... yes, please?  Almost played this one out already, so good.  There is a limited edition vinyl version but so far I've been able to stay away from it.  Actually, I still have that Turntablelab gift cert I got at Christmas...


Now Again, the Stones Throw subsidiary run by Egon Alapatt, put out this ridiculous record by a band Witch called "We Intend To Cause Havoc!"  Man, so good.  It's a band from Zambia from 1972-77 that is trying to sound exactly like the Rolling Stones (and succeeding, too)  It's a 4 CD set (!) so there is all kinds of goodness, although I guess what would be CD#1 is a solid gold jam for the whole family.  This is my 4-year old's #1 jam of the moment:

Dirty Beaches

The only thing I knew about Dirty Beaches was that garage rock joint that Bill Zink posted a few years ago (that was awesome).  They (he?) has a new one called "Water Park O.S.T." that is super ambient.  It's guitar, harmonia, mellotron, ambient sounds, all for a documentary about a water slide park in a mall in Minnesota, I think?  Whatever, this CD is dooooope for the mellow ambient tip.


Marvin Gaye's soundtrack for blaxploitation movie "Troubleman" has been a favorite for me since college, not kitschy funk, but an actual deep record I enjoy (plus the breakbeat classic "T Plays It Cool").  I'd say this is up there with "Superfly" for blaxploitation flick soundtracks that break through to "Art".  Anywho, Spotify has the 40th anniversary edition with a whole second CD of outtakes and alternate takes and shit!  This was a major score for me.  Here's "T Plays It Cool":

Oh man, I got so much love to give.

Later dudes.


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rootless said...

That Dirty Beaches joint is growing on me.