Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In current rotation:

Long time since my last update.  Here's some stuff I've been checking out:

Bibio - checked out a bunch of his older recordings.  They're all really cool...folky guitars and singing with weird looping elements and electronics.  Pretty much what you'd expect from Bibio, which is awesomeness. Check out "Vignetting the Compost"

Jack Rose - such an amazing guitar player.  Can listen to his stuff all day long, it's always inspired and never gets old.  Check out "Black Dirt Sessions"

Boduf Songs - got a few of his EPs.  Dark, sparse, mopey British doom folk, amazing, as always.  Check out "There Is Something Hanging Above"

The Liars - "Drum's Not Dead" is such an killer album from start to finish.  Love this band more and more all the time.

Papercuts - more mellow, chilled out indy rock a la late '60s San Francisco on "Fading Parade"

Jonwayne - anybody else check out this guy??  It looks like he should be in a dark basement in the midwest somewhere drinking Diet Coke and playing D&D, but he's a sick beat-maker and rapper. He's on Stones Throw right now.

Daniel Johnston - learned a lot about this guy watching a documentary about his life called "The Devil and Daniel Johnston."  He's an amazing songwriter, not an amazingly skilled musician, but a true artist.

The Velvet Underground - because of Lou

Kwaidan - drones, soundscapes, 20 mintue-long songs, pretentious song titles...everything good post-rock should be!

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