Saturday, March 8, 2014


hey dudes, here are a few things I've been listening to.

I've been on a bit of a Nick Cave thing on and off for a while. Some of his stuff I don't dig, but the mellow/dark/brooding stuff works well for me. "Boatman's Call" is something I've liked for a while. Lately I've been listening to "Push the Sky Away" and the Live at KCRW album.

Anyone been checking out the new Beck album? I'm liking it, but still early days. Dude at the New Yorker seems to think it's a "perfect album", or something to that effect, but Pitchfork thought it was bland and something like "a genius radical coloring inside the lines".

Also, early days in terms of checking out, but I like Real Estate and going to have a drive tomorrow and listen to Atlas.

John Coltrane "Soultrane" and lots of Mal Waldron lately.

James Blake's "Overgrown" hits the spot when you want to get that special relax vibe on, dig?

Still listening to Steve Hauschildt's "S/H" long album a whole lot.


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