Sunday, August 22, 2010

DC Mega Post

What's up bros. I've been meaning to post about this stuff for a while but never get around to it. OK, DC Mega Post coming atcha:

I came home to find this new Numero Group record waiting for me when I got home. That is the best part of getting a Numero Group subscription, surprise music packages. This is their second "Local Customs" release, "Lone Star Lowlands" focusing on a local recording studio out of Golden Triangle in Texas. If you are a fan of garage rock or B-List CSNY wannabes, southern fried rock, you will dig it. It also came with a ltd edition CD with additional shit so i'll rip that at a minimum and get at you.

Actually I don't think I ever blogged about their last one. Antena is a group from 80's of some teenagers from Brazil living in Sweden or some shit? Here's a link, read all about it, but in any event it sounds like 80's minimal bossa Young Marble Giants meets tropicalia. It's awesome, so i did the leg work for you: BOOM. That was kind of hard to find, not sure if those guys police it or what, Web Sheriff style.

When I first heard about Madlib's Medicine Show series, I kept my distance. "Super rare limited edition joints with silk screened covers and bonus records, every two months for a year? No thanks." I'm like a crackhead for shit like that, I would have gotten two of each.

But a few weeks ago I sold a stack of records at Academy in East Village for like $90 trade, so i got a bunch of shit but had $30 leftover, and there it was, so screw it. I got the new one.

It's amazing, of course. I feel like one reason that I passed on these was that I already have SO MUCH Madlib shit. It's all dope, don't get me wrong, but Jesus... how much Madlib product can a man handle? Well make room for one more because this is great, it's YNQ style stuff, with a million diff names but each has its own flavor. One whole side is a "Live" Yesterday's New Quintet recording with them playing hits off their first album, Angles Without Edges. It sounds a lot like the last track on Madlib Invades the Blue Note, if you feel that. Anyway, within minutes I was bidding on eBay on the last two that came out, which are currently going for like $60-$70 bucks each. I hate myself.

Also in that same trade-up mission I found this. Great comp of artists on Woodsist Records. I been on the Woodsist jock for a while now, but just to make it clear to the world, Woodsist Label is the fucking bomb: Kurt Vile, Sun Araw, Magic Lantern, Ganglilans, Woods, Wavves, Moon Duo, and my number one favorite band of all time, Real Estate! OH DAMN HE SAID IT! Real Estate is the bomb Bill Zink. Also, shout out to my cousin Lazlo Zeller for finding out about those guys like 6 months before the rest of the world.

I've really been into Mark Mcguire, he's the guitarist for Emeralds and has a million side projects, but the stuff that he puts out in his own name is just live solo guitar through a million pedals. It's great, you can find all that shit on Captain Crawl.

I got this deluxe 4 LP import thing which is a collection of the music of Daphne Oram, an early Electronic Composer/musician in the UK. She's like the female Raymond Scott, so if you were into that you will like this.

I scored this awesome old Reggae record, in shrink wrap, in this old Italian guy's basement in West Orange for ten cents. DC!!! DCC!!!!!!

That's it for me. Goodnight Cleveland!



ator said...

let me be the first to say..... killer 'stache!

Pete said...

You may hate yourself but we love ya. Even with the mustache thing.

rootless said...

"She's like the female Raymond Scott"--Most esoteric thing ever written on the WWLTN blog?