Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pretty Amazing

Some guy took a Justin Bieber song and slowed it down by 800% (for those of you that are so super cool you don't even follow pop culture, Justin Bieber is like a 12 year old Disney pop phenomenon that tween girls lose their shit over).

The result is an amazing, Sigor Ros-esque ethereal jam that is pretty awesome. I listened to the whole thing:




DC said...

It's a half hour long. Here's the OG if you want to hear the sourcde material: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlYEntYv6DM

Gabino said...

First thought, what does sped up Sigor Ros sound like?

tj river said...

Sped up Sigor Ros sounds like Black Moth Super Rainbow.

DC said...

on teh ecommetns of that page someone posted a Sigor Ros speed up and it does not sound good.

I've been rocking this all AM totally unironically, and downloaded for mass consumption. Do i have to call it "Justin Bieber" in my iTunes? I'll give it a cool name like "Chemical Giraffe" to make me feel better.

Clark Starr said...

Thanks for this find... really really good/funny.

rootless said...

amazing, thanks for insisting I listen to this. did you say there is a link to it as a file?