Sunday, April 10, 2011

HR and the Bad Brains

Went to see HR of the Bad Brains perform a solo gig at Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ last night. I've always been a big fan of the Bad Brains and I casually like HR solo raga flavored work. I'm sure a few of you know about HR's...eccentricities. He's " the band's founder, is a mad genius that only America could produce; he's a magnetic, self-destructive, unfocussed/ultrafocussed, brilliant, schizo, frustrating, talented icon whose powers have resulted in a career/non-career that has no parallels".

It wasn't the greatest show but HR hung out in this small club that was probably at half-capacity. He was friendly and talked to all who approached him and took many pics with fans. I'll also note that he might've been heavily medicated. He actually looks like he may be ill. I hope it's only my imagination.

If you have interest in the Bad Brains or HR solo stuff a great selection can be found here.

If you're already hip to the Bad Brains or just want to check out details of HRs (supposed) exploits look at this.

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