Saturday, April 9, 2011

mimaroglu music sales

I ordered some records off of mimaroglu music (run by Keith Fullerton Whitman). He always does a best of year thing, and if anything on there looks remotely interesting i go for it.

Of all the Emeralds side projects out there, for me Colored Mushroom and the Medicine Rocks is my favorite (except for the equally awesome and esoteric "Imaginary Softwoods" record). This LP takes the "best of.." a bunch of CD-R and tape releases and puts on vinyl. It's really good. You can find both of those out in Mediafire world, i believe.

This is the latest in the vdsq solo acoustic series. Limited edition runs of uaffected acoustic guitar by Mark McGuire, Thurston Moore and others, but i got Volume Four, a Fahey-esque guitar soli by Matthew Mullane. Per the site it was "an unsolicited demo that was a revelation in its intricate beauty and unique phrasings. Hailing from small town Ohio, this young player encapsulates everything exciting about modern composition for acoustic guitar. Performed live in one take. No overdubs." It's great. $20.00 bucks says that the first comment on this post is from Rootless, "DC, burn that for me."

Collection of recordings by early electronic composer Tristam Cary. I like the mystique of a lot of that Stockhausen, Cage, etc. vibe but don't find myself throwing it on after work, feel me? But this is actually good to listen to, and has killer samples.

Lastly, on my way back from Home Depot I hit up my new local killer record store (my favorite thing about living in New Jersey, straight up). Found this Max Roach joint I have never seen before, 1968 on Atlantic. Playing with future jazz funk legend Gary Bartz AND Charles Tolliver and Stanley Cowell, co-founders of Strata East Records. Good Shit.

Peace Baba.


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