Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another score

So, in the ongoing documentation of my recent record binge, here's the latest chapter...

My main man (and total coincidental neighbor), WWALT Blog member CS tipped me off to this Craig's List post: "Unbelievable Vinyl Collection. Estate Sale. $1.00" Well friends, right then I got, as the French say, "a boner".

From previous experiences like this in Brooklyn, I was expecting wall to wall record addicts literally getting into fights over who saw that sealed copy of blah blah blah first. So to my surprise I roll up, not a car or sign in sight. Some guy answers the door, didn't even seem aware that the estate sale was happening. Anyway, I went through all his shit for like 2 hours and came up with 100 records for $100.00.

Hahaha, I love doing that! Giant influx and now its like, stacks of records everywhere, "oh shit! what was this one again?", etc. In that situation I always buy some random stuff on a hunch, records with gaaaay covers from the 80's with the hope that there is at least a sound or sample or drum break or something. So I got some really terrible stuff, but I scored some gems as well.

I'm going to pass these on to the Scoobie Brothers and let them get busy with them.

The Chizzle

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blablazo said...


Having stacks of records around sounds all too familiar. I've got stacks all over the fucking place from going on similar buying jags. Hope you find some hidden gems!