Friday, May 13, 2011


What's up, WWALT Community. And by that I mean me, Gabino and Hurewitz. Does anyone else read this still or is it just us?

But who can forget my main man Bla Blazo, and I'd like to just publicly shout out my huge thanks to you for the massive reggae DVD kick down. Like 4GB of insane reggae, mainly (what I'm feeling hardcore right now) is that Jahtari shit he has blogged about a few times. THat stuff is so good. I've even grown to love Bo Marley. Reminds me of Quasimoto in that it is a band that sounds so bad on paper but so good in execution. "A rapper from Germany who raps in German over Dub made with a Commodore 64? UH, ookkaaayyyeee." It's dope, though. For music nerds check this one to see their rig. BLA BLAZO I FEEL YOU DOG THANK YOU>

This was the biggest reggae score I've gotten since JKP that one time. JKP, you still on here?

And this is all on top of Gabe posting like every Soul Jazz comp of all time? So, in light of that, I did the rationale thing and went to Deadly Dragon Sound System, reggae only record shop in Chinatown, to get more Reggae records! While I was in there some guy from Australia threw down $1,400 on reggae records (!) After my jaw hit the floor the guy that works there told me a story about when Walter Becker (?) from Steely Dan came in and dropped $5G's on reggae records like it wasn't no thang. Crazy.

Anyway, I got a Dr. Alimantado joint and "Pass I De Lazer Beam":

Then I went to Academy Records on my way to band practice and got so much shit, i won't even post it here or Rootless will ask me to rip it all for him:

THEN! THEN, true believers, after work today i hit up the local junk shop/antiques shop in my town that has records sometimes, and scored all this shit and more for $50.00:

Totally clean Promo copy of break classic Bernard Purdie LP on Flying Dutchman?!

Some good CTI stuff, including this Airto joint and a clean, nice OG copy of Bob James One:

Some cool random moog and psych records, like "A Tab in the Ocean" by Nektar:

Ravi Shankar Vs. Ali Akbar Khan on Prestige? That's my shit right there:

This really crazy, amazing jazz record, Rufus Harley who is a free jazz bag pipes player?! It's pretty out, but Side B is heat beginning to end, OG 1970 on Atlantic, great condition. Booyah.

Last but not least, a SEALED copy of Metallica "Master of Puppets"?!?? That's $30.00 on eBay material right there. DC!! DC!!! D C!!!!!!!

Later. Go post something.



rootless said...

I can't believe how much $$$ you spend on records, homie.....

ator said...


i picked up a "Master of Puppets" cassette at a pawn shop recently and have been blaring it in my pick-up truck over the past couple months

Igor said...

I'm still here- just haven't heard a lot of new music worth sharing recently.

blablazo said...

I can believe how much Don spends on records cause I probably spend about the same...although most of my purchases lately are from the $0.50 clearance section. I guess it does start to add up when you're buying 40-50 LPs/12"s at a time.

I remember seeing foreigners and/or tourists drop huge amounts of cash at Gramaphone in Chicago buying old Trax, Dance Mania and DJ International shit...not even OG pressings.

I think the most I ever spent at one time on records was around $400. I think I was drunk. LOL.