Saturday, June 4, 2011

Computerised Dub

I found this record at my local spot... Prince Jammy, "Computerised Dub", 1986, Greensleeves.

It's exactly what you would expect... vintage drum machines, 80's synths, Commodore64 effects. It reminds me of all that Jahtari stuff, actually.

I also love that it has all song titles that were very space age for 1986: "Modem", "256K RAM", "Megabyte", "Synchrostart".

Great stand out is "Wafer Scale Integration", banger from start to finish, which Madlib sampled on Quasimoto CD ("Goodmorning Sunshine"). This record is dope.

Lucky for you jokers I found it on Mediafire as well. But, for the record, the vinyl copy I found is stone mint clean copy.

Also, in case you missed it (I did), I saw in Bla Blazo and Gabino's comments in a post below that this site has some of those Blood and Fire comps that are so great.

So, yeah, every one's reggae collection should be pretty stacked right now.


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rootless said...

Cool, I'm still digging into the Jahtari stuff, will check this out for sure, dub in the summer is a surefire recipe for good times.