Sunday, June 12, 2011

Glitch FM Soul For that Anachronistic Ass

One of the dudes from longtime NYC FM Soul outfit Tigercity (Part of a whole little slice of NYC scene trading in anachronism that arose about 6 years or more ago that included Chromeo, 33hz, Tigercity, LCD Soundsystem, and thousands of bands I was never cool enough to know about) and the dude who calls himself Oneohtrixpointnever, whose work I've never listened to because I hate the name but who has nevertheless been getting plenty of critical blowjobs from the bloggy press the past couple of years in spite of my royal disdain, have gotten together to form a superduo of sorts. Ford & Lopatin!

Highly, highly enjoyable, I can't recommend this strongly enough because my doctor says I won't survive another treatment for priapism.

This sounds like what would happen if Billy Ocean were to step into the chamber of mirrors from Enter the Dragon to engage in some kind of trippy soul-transfer congress with Squarepusher and Max Tundra.


Gabino said...

fun, but not as much as that Kool Kieth joint

DC said...

hahaha, i was going to say that same thing! Not my cup of tea, but thanks for the heads up.