Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Diplo "Chasing the Dragon"

Before he became a world renown DJ and CEO of a hot shit label as well as “a curator amongst the worldʼs most cutting edge DJs, producers, and musical movements” (his words from Mad Decent website), I got hip to Diplo via the Turntablelab.com website that put out his earliest 7"s... now long gone, sold on eBay to fund my record buying habit.

I haven’t been as into him lately (don’t really check out Mad Decent podcasts anymore, I skipped out on Major Lazer). However, I just came across this on my e-travels… he put out a dj mix more in the vein of his AEIOU 2 mix, lots of psych and garage and no Baile Funk or Bastardized DanceHall in sight. In the words of TurntableLab: “No tropical bass, dubstep, dancehall, or beats here - just straight up rare psych rock for days! Diplo goes deep with all manner of fuzzed-out, freaky psychedelic sounds that are much different from what you're used to him playing these days - and it sounds AWESOME.” Some obscure, some not so much, with flare and flavor thrown in to mix it up. Worth downloading fo sho. And here it is.

If you haven’t listened in a while, or missed him altogether, here are some other top shelf releases from the man:

-First full length "Florida" is still a top notch banger that has really aged well.

-The DJ Shadow Mega Mix he put out as a promo for, uh, The Private Press, I believe? So good… he mixes DJ Shadow tracks with the source material, plus blends of Shadow beats with crunk rappers, etc. Great disc.

-The “Piracy Funds Terrorism” mix tape that basically broke MIA onto the scene, a little played out by now but truly impressive disc and a good listen.

-I actually like his “Live in Montreal” disc a lot, good jams, blends TV on the Radio with Outkast, shit like that. Plus a long “grime” section that’s good crash course on the genre.

If you need any of that holla at me and i'll yousendit it to you. File this under thoughts on an old classic.


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