Saturday, August 13, 2011

Spotify Invites

I have a few if anyone wants one. Email me directly at (first come first served).


Bill Zink said...

You going for the pay version? Do you have an Ipod, and do you use Spotify for downloads? I'm still on Rhapsody (I know, soooo 2004), but my devices are compatible. I'm not impressed with Spotify so far (the ads drive me nuts), but it does load fast, and I like the interface if I didn't have to deal with the ads.

CS said...

I just went premium. I dumped my emusic acct. So, end of day, I'm saving $2/month.

I think it's great (as I've mentioned). There are some weird holes (no Beatles). But, honestly, it's like having ALL the music. I'm guessing it's light on the more outre stuff... and probably world music (though I was pleased with the Brazilian stuff I've seen).

Hell, it even has Arson Garden's first record (why it has any AG and why it has THAT AG is beyond me).