Thursday, November 3, 2011


Here's a good 'un... Harmonizer.

Here's the blurb on their EP "World Compete":

"On WORLD COMPLETE Harmonizer boggles brains via the storied terrain that Jon Hassell once charted, adding sub bass, magic eye loops and some fusion gomf that is makes them decidedly more On The Corner than Aka-Darbari-Java. But who needs to be convinced about a band named after the most dramatic stompbox of the late 20th century."

You had me at "Jon Hassell". Pretty good shit. Rootless, you will be all over this.

I heard about them on Altered Zones, which has a cool remix by matthewdavid up. Here it is.

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The Chizzle


DC said...

Also, Das Racist is on the cover of SPIN this month. BLOWING UP

Igor said...

Looking forward to checking this out.

Igor said...

Hey, DC- just wanted to say this is really good, thanks!