Saturday, November 19, 2011


Thought these pictures were worth a quick post, venues with 2 spaces make for funny marquees. Saw these dudes in Indy a few nights ago (not really with Barney) and it was a great show. I know there are only a few metal dudes on here, for my money Mastodon is state of the art metal in 2011. They were excellent live, really solid and up in your bizness. The other bands were Dillinger Escape Plan, whom I made myself appreciate even though it was tough going, and Red Fang. I would highly recommend Red Fang to anyone into Mastodon or that type of stuff.

Wanting to do my part I wandered over to the merch table (mediafired their last couple of releases, though I shelled out for deluxe editions of everything earlier) and quickly wandered away when I saw the prices. In the same way Rootless wants $5 albums, I want $20 or under, not $30 and up, concert shirts. In retrospect it would have been cool to have a Mastodon beer cozy for only $5 but it didn't hit me at the time.

My friend at the show with me, who doesn't download stuff, pointed out that if everyone bought their albums maybe the shirts would be a little cheaper. Um, yeah, kind of got me with that one...

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