Monday, January 23, 2012

LoLooks like the days of the freebie are coming to an end

I guess with all the MegaUpload madness other file sharing sites are laying low. Many logs I frequent are closing up because their hosts have deleted the goods.

Some blurbs:
As of today, deleted all my files, as well as Ben's and King Skullie's. I had about 800GB of data stored there. It seems that all the filehosts are running scared because of Megaupload's trial and that there is nothing left to do and no other option but to quit. I made this decision as the creator of the blog along with Ben and King Skullie, that the blog must cease to be. There was too much work and time put into the creation of this place to have it all taken away by some greedy corporate fucks.

It was fun while it lasted, please remember this place as the first that started a wave of good material in outstanding quality. These three years spent with this blog have been a wonderful experience that none of its authors will ever forget. Stay strong, and whatever happens, keep your love for the music. You can leave any messages you have for us here.


Probably as a consequence of the MegaUpload hysteria, it looks like my Mediafire account was wiped out. If this is true and permanent, this entire blog just dried. It may go on and start over... Stay tuned.


DC said...

Meh, honestly i don't hit up blogs and mediafire anymore since the Spotify era.

Pete said...

Does work well on a mobile device? Can I hook it up at my desk at work and stuff. I have the free version now but am considering going for the Premium.

rootless said...

I also don't do the blogs as much as I used to because of Spotify, but it's too bad, I used to get a lot of good stuff off the blogs, got hip to a lot of music that I wound up seeing live.