Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Grist for the Mill

Apropos Spotify, a graphic breakdown for the artist's payday based on various different media formats.  Looks like I'm justified to stick with Rhapsody, if I'm interested in the artists income . . . although obviously all online sites pretty much suck as far as royalties are concerned.


CS said...

Yep... that's depressing... Just reading "Our Band Could Be Your Life" (for the first time). On the one hand you think, man, things are so much better now, but then you see this sort of thing. I'm assuming what's better now is the ability to tour, but making money off of recordings is still hard.

(P.S. that's kind of a cool site you linked to here)

ator said...

whats really depressing is reading about the type of lifestyle those "Megaupload" guys were leading and realizing that they're profiting off the backs of other peoples' creative efforts