Saturday, June 23, 2012

Burial/Boduf Songs/Lower Dens/Coltrane

Lately I've just been loading up stuff on my iPod, hitting shuffle, and zooming off here and there.
If something pops up that I like, I will take a look at the Pod and see who it is.
I finally got around to checking out Burial (I know, about 6 years after the fact) and it's pretty amazing if you're into that sort of thing.  Really dark, sparse, washed-out dubstep with heavy garage (UK garage, not garage rock!) and 2-step influences. 

Also Boduf Songs is killing me.  Is nobody else into this guy???  It's pretty fucking amazing.  Reallllly dark stuff....and sad.  But not "boo hoo woe is me" kind of sad, more like "the world can be dark and sad, and that's pretty beautiful too."  Anyway, the mood of all the albums is perfect for late night mellow listening with a darker edge.  Plus there's song titles like That Angel Was Pretty Lame and I Have Decided To Pass Through Matter.

Also killing it is the new Lower Dens record, I think it's called Nootropics.  Solid indy rock, but with a noise/creative aspect a la Deerhunter or Sonic Youth but not as aggressive.  Really interesting rhythmic ideas, which is usually what makes my ears perk up before other things.  Interesting sonic textures, too.

This afternoon I pulled out some of the Sunday jazz stacks, despite the fact that it's Saturday.  I know enough has been said about this group to last until the end of time, but fuck man, the John Coltrane Quartet is just genius.  A lot of jazz to me feels very confined by it's predetermined rules about what's "right" and "wrong" and what makes jazz "sohpisticated," but the Quartet just sounds like pure liberation.


rootless said...

I think I hooked you up with Boduf Songs, and I know I've posted about them here and rambled on about how good they are late night, brooding with some scotch.
Maybe I gave you Burial too? Funny, I just put that back on my iphone. Not my main day-to-day thing, but if you catch it at the right moment (like walking towards on the subway at night) it can hit the spot.

DC said...

I was rocking Boduf Songs this AM after i read your post. It was good and moody and hit the spot. Kind of Elliott Smith-ed out.

blablazo said...

I've only heard one thing by Burial. Something they did with Four Tet that I think I got from DC. It didn't really move me. Never heard them just by themselves so maybe that release isn't indicative of their other work.