Monday, August 27, 2012

Long time no see

Hi, guys.  How've you been?  Here's some stuff I've been introduced to in the past couple of months.

A DJ from Novi Sad, Serbia who tweaks every sound just beyond the comfort zone, exactly where some aspect of music needs to be if it's going to get your attention.  It's noisy and intense, a real enjoyable "fuck you."

Lag - The Snarl by Lag

I'm taking this one over the language barrier.  These guys are band from Belgrade doing a laid-back, synthy math-rock that reminds me of Mew.  The production is surgical as gender reassignment.  They also love their vocoders, so it's going to go without saying I really enjoy these guys.  The link above is to their latest album, downloadable for free and really, really good.

This is something I tripped over yesterday while trying to find out more about the Personal Space compilation DC had mentione:
Fire Star: Synth-Pop & Electro-Funk From Tamil Films 1984-1989
Here's one of the tracks off of it.  About 2:20 the guy really goes off.  The vocoders mixed with the chanting is out of this world.

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