Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Piano Overlord

I've been pretty stoked about this one.  There is a new Piano Overlord LP out, put out by Chocolate Industries label.  

If you don't know, Piano Overlord is a Prefuse 73/Scott Herren side project.  The new record is dope, sounds a lot like the prior stuff, maintains the same kind of consistent pseudo-free jazz meets IDM vibe.  I've been listening to it a lot.  It's bugged out but I still find it soothing and enjoyable.

I'm a big fan of someone with a million side projects that brings the consistent flavor to each a la Madlib.  That is, a Lootpack LP is different than a Yesterday's New Quintet record is different than a Madvillain record, etc... Unlike people who reinvent themselves under the same name like... Beck?  Nah, not really, but you catch the drift.

This one gets 5 stars from me, and it is on Spotify.

P.S. Chocolate Industries is also behind the comp "Personal Space, Electronic Soul: 1974-1984", a comp of rare, private press regional 45's made with drum machines, casios and commodores and what not.  It's worth checking out, and it is also available on my favorite musical app/service SPOTIFY!  HATERS GONNA HATE!!!!  I LOVE SPOTIFY!!!


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rootless said...

Good looking out, been listening to this now. I like all that dude's stuff but it seems like it's all converging, there used to be some distinction between Prefuse 73, Savath y Savalas and Piano Overlord and now he's got all those elements blended in, which is cool, but loses a bit of the edge off each one maybe.