Sunday, November 25, 2012

BMSR, Boduf Songs, Fond Of Tigers

Been meaning to post for while now. 
I got the new Black Moth Super Rainbow, Cobra Juicy, on vinyl, plus the accompanying EP.
It's a little inconsistent, but some of the tracks are the usual BMSR magic.
I think the EP is better...they should have combined the best tracks from Cobra Juicy and the EP and made a really solid LP on the short side.

Also got a new EP on vinyl by Boduf Songs...very good stuff, consistent with the usual Boduf style and quality of songwriting and delivery.  Plus Mat Sweet, the guy behind Boduf Songs, emailed me to check if I got the EP and the generous amounts of swag like stickers and a schematic of a time-machine.  Really nice guy, makes me that much happier to be supporting his musical career.

Also got Continent & Western by Fond Of Tigers.  I love the music, but considering they're an instrumental band, I was a little disappointed that there was singing on a couple of the tracks.  I'm not opposed to singing, but it kinda sucks that it's obviously there on the record to try to widen the appeal of the band.  Oh well. 

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