Monday, May 20, 2013

DC Knowledge Drop (tm)

Sorry I haven't been posting.  Here's most note worthy music stuff off the top of my head:

-I got this King Curtis record for $1.00 and I've listened to it 100,000 times, it's fucking awesome.  This is why vinyl is so great... this may be on Spotify, I don't know, but I never would have found it on Spotify, I had to find the scratched up copy in the $1.00 bins at my record spot with the edges held together with Scotch tape... and that also adds to the vibe.  

-The Rhodes player for the Doors died.  Sad, that actually got me choked up.  Nothing but love for the Doors.

-My #1 fave label of all time Numero Group is releasing 2 exciting new LPs shortly... the new Express Rising joint (!!!) and a compilation of the best/early tracks of ambient/new age mastermind Iasos, done correct with the Numero treatment??!!!  The fuck outta here. 

These are all available's on Spotify:

-New (latest) Jeff Parker solo album with Chris Lopes and Chad Taylor (of Chicago Underground).  Of course it's awesome

-Ted Sirona's Rebel Souls?  Check the Soundcloud tracks on this page.  Any of you Chicago guys know anything about this?  He's really good, he's a drummer from Chicago and it is funky instrumental jazz/latin/funk/dub.

-Caveman?  Did Rootless already post about them?  Caveman is dope, indie vibe kind of The Cure-d out, real mellow.

-New Brokeback was totally awesome.

-Savages?  Meh, Pitchfork jammed this down my throat, but it's not all that.  I like the lead single off the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs joint, though.

-Lastly, Terry Reed is awesome.  Most you Gabino/Zink/Clark Starr types must know him already.  He was somehow associated with the Yard Birds, and he was almost the lead singer for Led Zeppelin.  Anywho, I scored a Terry Reed LP and Eno Ambient #1 and #2 on vinyl at a garage sale this weekend for $1 a piece.  DC!!!

Later bros.  #WWALT2013



blablazo said...

I have yet to try a beer from that brewery but I have high expectations!

DC said...

Try the Wooky Jack