Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The New National Record

I loved High Violet. I don't immediately love this one, but I think I need to give it more listens. The one thing that jumps out are the odd time signatures. These are not neo-prog songs, they're still very "National"-esque dirges (generally simple, but with really great drumming). I'm really curious as to their writing process and how it leads to such time signatures.

P.S.: anyone checking out Google All Access? Doesn't have iPhone offline listening (or listening to stuff other than what you've uploaded). But it will be 7.99/month if you sign up now. I haven't checked artist compensation--I assume it's shit like all the others.

P.P.S.: Been in Mpls a little over 6 months now. Musical Reactions:

1) Lots 'o hip hop in this town now.
2) Crazy amount of good musicians (when you go into a restaurant on a Tuesday and they have a country trio that is not only talented craft-wise but also playing great original songs, you know there's a surfeit of music.
3) Willie's Guitars is still a drool catalyst store that I have no right stepping foot in.

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