Friday, October 15, 2010

Neil Young - Le Noise

Not sure what I think about this record. I've only been through it twice and have yet to listen at really high volume and/or with headphones. It's nice and muddy and reverb-full. The songs have that Neil Young quality--there are certain chord changes that he does over and over on song after song, but still sound great.

I did hear one lyric that kind of bugged me: "I've seen a lot of war." While I respect the artist's right to comment on things not personally experienced, something about saying that about war these days feels wrong. I despise our adventurism in Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm generally pacifist in nature. I just think war is something that if you haven't really seen (and by that I mean first hand), it's too presumptuous to say you have, even under artistic license.

Here's a vid about the making of the record. Daniel Lanois produced. He comes off cool and flakey in this--which is appropriate for a producer I'd hazard.


Gabino said...

Thanks, that was a good little watch. Fascinating that he doesn't use headphones when tracking. I remember some good stuff in that Dylan book about recording with Lanois. I know what you mean about the war thing. Maybe he was in character, say like in Powderfinger?

Bill Zink said...

I'm with you on the war thing as well. I'm ok with the whole "in character" thing, but Neil Young has not been to war.

I listened to the album, but it didn't really catch me. It was engrossing enough that I'll be back though.