Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Deerhunter

The other thing i wanted to say is that I finally got into the new Deerhunter. I downloaded it or got it as a burn or whatever a while ago but never really listened to it until this weekend.

It's killing me. Awesome... it's got this crazy timeless quality that's like part 80's, part classic rock, part Strokes, part Velvets... great songwriting. I honestly feel like Deerhunter are on that level with Radiohead as a band that has transcended the "indie" genre and are really the real deal.

"Revivial" and "Desire Lines" are my #1 jams, but really they are all good. Except that one song, "Fountain Steps" or whatever, that shit is so gay. Worst song ever.


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rootless said...

I agree that this is a great album, but not quite sold on them being as transcendent as Radiohead. And I feel you probably only like them because they sound a lot like Velvet Underground (who you wish to associate yourself with because of the cool/vintage indie cred) and because you have a gay crush on the lead singer. "Fountain Steps" is probably the best song the album.