Monday, October 18, 2010

Vibes & Psychedelic Grooviness

Stealing when I should have been buying? Yeah, maybe, but sometimes they just aren't out there to be bought. Case in point with this stuff:
Love vibes, Love Roy Ayers, especially from this era. Maybe some of the vinyl heads on here can explain what a "direct cutting 45rpm" is, I'm just glad to have the tracks. Haven't seen them on any discography before, pretty much in that late 60's Stone Soul Picnic vibe. Two long tracks on each, not life changers, but you know (or at least DC does) that "Herbie Mann presents" means they were going to get you laid if you played them on a date.

Can't get enough shit like this; prime vintage European prog, ridiculously epic, overplayed, not a smirk in sight. Actually lots of variety on these comps, very well assembled and very limited edition. I was thrilled a couple years ago to find volumes 11 & 12, so I was happy to find a bunch more here. A lot of these are uploaded as a rapidshare file for each track, maybe not worth all that time, but grab the first four volumes which have a complete side on a single file.

This site also has lots of funky shit like this, might have to grab it just for the graphics


Gabino said...

Also wanted to mention the new Kings of Leon. I don't know of it's Capn' Crawl status or if it's even been properly released yet but I've been digging it big time. Maybe I'm more in the mood this time around but I think it's much better than the last one. Anyone with me?

DC said...

Roy Ayers, Sonny Sharrock and Miroslav. Nice.

Hahaha re: Classic German Rock!

Bill Zink said...


"Stood on a ridge and shunned religion, thinkin' the world was mine / Made my break and a big mistake, stealin' when I shoulda been buyin'"

You know, when Eminem drops that shit, the folk at Pitchfork Media call it internal rhyme and get all slobbery about it. When Uriah Heep did it, they were just knuckleheads.

And yes, that was straight from memory. Haven't heard the song in probably ten years or so. That is going to change . . . right . . . NOW!

Gabino said...

Thanks for noticing Bill, us knuckleheads got to stick together.