Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Unholy Crap

From the Glowing Raw site:


Farewell to Glowing Raw

Dear friends,

Due to the increasingly hostile online file-sharing landscape, and the recent takedown of nearly all my Mediafire links in the wake of the Megaupload catastrophe, I have decided to cease posting on Glowing Raw.  I have been doing this for nearly five years now, and feel that I have accomplished what I set out to do: share the music I love with thousands of people, and spread the word about many great bands that have been unfairly marginalized in today's musical economy.

It has been great sharing so much music with you over the years, and hearing back from many of you about records that made an impact.  I feel proud of this site, and never imagined that so many people would come to use it as a resource.  Thank you for reading, and listening. 

If you have anything you want to say to me, please email me at glowingrawrecords@gmail.com.  If I begin a new project or website, you'll be sure to hear about it.



Pete said...

Ahh! I just came from there to here to give this same sad news. Suuucks.

rootless said...

It really does suck. The evolution of music sharing and access has really tilted back to the record company's favor. I got lots of great stuff of Glowing Raw, things I wouldn't have paid for (or would have paid something small for?) but happily checked out and enjoyed.