Saturday, April 21, 2012

Record Store Day

Merry Record Store Day! I can't make it into the city to see Black Dice and Fourtet DJ at Other Music and to buy some limited edition swag to sell on eBay... But i did hit up my local spot for the cause:

Sunday Morning Jazz Stacks:

I swore I would never buy another reggae record, yet here we are...

This Leo Smith LP on ECM looks interesting, and a BB King record for $1.00

Anyone else into Record Store Day? Any scores?

Stay up, playazzzz.


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blablazo said...

Not really into RSD. Went to the first one and found it to be a huge hassle. I'd rather go to a record store on a normal day when it's not a mob scene.

RSD seems tailor made for e-bay flippers anyway. Shitheels buy up a bunch of the special releases and sell it for crazy prices a few days or even hours later. Fuck that shit.

I did buy a "special" RSD release on Sunday though. Went to Light in the Attic's website and bought the Stax 7" box set. Buying shit in my pajamas and sipping coffee seems like a much better experience than dealing with the crowds, IMO.

And get off my lawn, damn it!!