Saturday, April 28, 2012

Garage Sale Season

Got these LP's for 5/$1.00 at a garage sale, everything for $2.00 even:
Big score was this Steve Reich 4 LP box set that is pretty awesome. Vinyl is clean but the box is pretty chewed up. Literally. Looks like the lady's dog got a hold of it.
Got this Philip Glass box set as well.
TWO copies of this John Hassell "Fourth World" joint! Maybe I can flip one for $10.00 on eBay?
This set off my spidey sense for some reason.
A bunch of other shit that probably sucks but at 20 cents a record you have to gamble. The Steve Reich was the score though, this is a really nice record. Maybe its on Spotify? Stay strong, true believers.


esinclai said...

That Fripp album is, in my opinion, underrated because of the real weirdness of it. The collaborators are indicative of what I assume was his time in NYC.

blablazo said...

Ha! Yeah, I was going to say the Fripp is worth $0.20 for sure!