Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Best of 2012

Various Artists: MOJO Magazine’s Power, Corruption & Lies Covered (+ Blue Monday 12″ Revisited, + Bonus Tracks)
Red Fang: Murder the Mountains
Bottomless Pit: Lottery 2005-2012
Tycho: Dive
Kindness: World, You Need a Change of Mind - This is Jesus Jones meets neo-R&B, and somehow that's good.
Matthew Dear: Beams 
Lotus Plaza: Spooky Action at a Distance - 2012 is the year when Deerhunter became the side project of two side projects.
Shabazz Palaces: Live at KEXP - I had no idea until recently this was Doodlebug Butterfly from Digable Planets. http://youtu.be/djFrCb03-OI
Errors: Have Some Faith in Magic
The British Expeditionary Force: Chapter Two: Constellation Neu
Jason Lytle: Dept. of Disappearance
Autopark: Autopakao
Metronomy: The English Riviera - A 2011 record, but I only listened to it last year.


blablazo said...

Butterfly is the dude in Shabazz Palaces. I'll have to try and track down that release you mention.

Saw them a year or two ago at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. Great show and the sound was actually good, not like a typical hip hip show!

Igor said...

Ahhh, I knew I should have fact-checked that one! The whole thing was up streaming through KEXP- and here it is: http://youtu.be/djFrCb03-OI. I caught that performance while it was happening, didn't know who they were, and really liked it. I should probably make a point of seeing them since I'm on their home turf.

DC said...

I never checked out that Tycho joint before (but for some reason I follow him on Instagram?) It's good vanilla background tunes for work, actually totally hit the spot.