Sunday, January 6, 2013

Too Future

Not sure if y'all saw this....

Shadow got kicked off stage in Miami for playing this set:

They said it was "Too Future".

Yo, in the club's defense, it's some pretty crazy shit, but I dig it.  Here's the story:

Shadow was like "I'll never compromise my art!!!"  But I feel like a true DJ plays to the room, kind of like a graphic artist does what's best for the client vs. what an "artist" does for himself.  Dig?



blablazo said...

I've been boycotting this douche canoe for years - ever since he put on a show at the Park West billed as a DJ Shadow show when it was really him DJing (poorly, I might add) for a bunch of d-grade hip hop wanna be's he decided to parade about with. Soul crushingly bad.

I mean, Endtroducing was great and all but I can't dig on him much past that.

shadow of shathragot said...

The section from 7:50 - 12:15 is badass! I heard some good stuff in there, but there is some Prefuse type freakout stuff going on. Too future is code for,"Why you ain't playin your hits"? If they paid him to play Entroducing, then he should. If not, he is free to do his thing. I actually liked The Private Press.

EJ said...

It's difficult...I mean, how do you maintain dignity as an artist, keep your shit real and with integrity, but at the same time take your fans into consideration? Can you do that without your "sound" getting stale? It's a tricky road. I think Shadow has got it figured out though...he wants to push the envelope a little bit, expand the genre of "breakbeat" music. If he was trying to just get people to dance, then he should probably rethink that approach.