Thursday, January 3, 2013

Flyin' the Flannel

As some of youse with whom I'm facebook friends know, I've relocated from DC's village of Maplewood to the village of Minneapolis. This is a return home for me (grew up here, but haven't lived here since the summer of 1985!!).

Been here about a month, starting to hunt around the music scene a bit. It seems to be quite happening, especially in the hip-hop vein (Brother Ali, Atmosphere, and on and surprisingly on). One band I've happened on that I kind of like is Story of the Sea (Story Of The Sea – Story of the Sea). Instrumentals, mogwai-ish... well played.

If anyone is hip to bands from here, please let me know.


Bill Zink said...

Now that's a move! May be on the move myself soon. Gotta love that free market economy.

DC said...

I'm feeling this one

CS said...

Hey BZ, headed your way on Friday, just a quick visit so may not have a chance to connect. Where you headed?

DC, I forget where you grew up. I grew up here in Mpls. When I was older, I always pooh-poohed the differences between the east coast and the midwest... boy was I wrong. It's a different pace of life here. Kind of funny. This manifests itself especially in the driving.

Anyways, going to see this: at the Walker. I definitely have more access to these kinds of events than I did in Maplewood (as a lazy ass oldster).