Thursday, March 4, 2010


i know a lot has already been said about Guided By Voices...but dammit, i've been listening to them a lot lately, and as we've all concurred, that's what this blog is all about. DIG.

To me, they're really the kings of lo-fi and I have a lot of respect for Bob Pollard's work ethic, not to mention his songwriting is top-notch. Generally, I think lyrics are stooopid (holla, DC!!) but I really dig GBV's lyrics. I missed these guys the first time around in the mid-'90s, I was caught up with Nirvana/Soundgarden/Primus/Rage Against The Machine/RHCP et al.

I guess everyone knows about "Bee Thousand" already.
I've also been checking out
"Alien Lanes"
"Devil Between My Toes"
"Under The Bushes, Under The Stairs"

All of em are damn fine lo-fi rock recordings.


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