Friday, March 12, 2010

I wish I had a pizza and a bottle of wine.

Album by Girls

I'm curious what the reception is to this group. If described to me, I might say I wasn't interested, and I'm having a hard time defining why I like this album. Some of the elements may add up to being annoying, but I just find their music not annoying.

This song "God Damned" is one of my favs:

First song "Lust For Life" off the album is another, nice vid too:

This "Life in San Francisco" is off of their "Lust For Life" single, a little more of a playful song.

Girls - Life in San Francisco from WWALT on Vimeo.



Gabino said...

like 'em, not sure why either.

ator said...

yeah, this a band where I kept hearing this one track on a college radio station i listen to (KALX!) and it really got lodged in my brain. cant remember the song name, and so far ive resisted listening to the whole album, but that one track is really effing catchy. the dude seems like he's trying a little too hard to sing like Elvis Costello, but it doesnt really bother me in this case

TJ River said...

You're definitely right about the annoyance of some of the parts. (The guy. The fact that the album is called "album". Just the thought of their fan base.)

That said, I fall into the like-it-and-not-sure-why camp.