Saturday, July 31, 2010

blog review

I was about to post something about how I'm still finding a ton of stuff to check out on a blogs, but that it's near impossible to find the new releases. I was going to use the new Arcade Fire Album, "The Suburbs", as an example but I captaincrawled it and even thought it's not even officially released yet I found it pretty easily, here.

Anyway, I thought I'd pass along some links to a few of the blogs I've been checking out.

Haven't gotten too far into exp etc but I've been digging the weird folk albums by Michael Hurley on here and really like the Susan Alcorn album, she plays spaced out ambient stuff off a pedal steel guitar.

I went through the entire radfriends blog and got some good indie rock scores, dude is a junkie musician in Florida, dig.

Also on the ambient tip, left out in left field is worth checking out, though you have to wade through some gay/pretentious dross to find the gems.

InTennisShoes is the final one I'll mention, I got Pill Wonder off this one.

Anyone else got some good ones?


ator said...

here's a related question.... how do you guys avoid the malware shit when captaincrawling for stuff?

seems like many of the blogs I find on there are super sketchy

Gabino said...


ator said...

saw that one coming, Gabino!

Gabino said...


rootless said...

Agreed regarding Apple except my email got hacked recently and for all I know it could have come through visits to some of these sites.

ator said...

i hear you, rootless. my computer got completely hosed recently while I was trying to check out some "Kurt Vile" MP3s on a blog found through Captaincrawl. I had to re-install Windows.

these days if there is anything out of the ordinary like weird popups, etc I just click away immediately

be careful, people!

Bill Zink said...

Exp Etc. is nuts.

Igor said...

Have you guys checked out Gl0wing R@w? It's on blogger, but you'd obviously have to replace the o and the a. I worry about posting info on good blogs for fear that it will lead to said good blogs becoming desaparecidos. Too paranoid?