Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rangda - False Flag

I've expressed my appreciation of Richard Bishop (guitar) in these pages before. I've been on bills with Chris Corsano (drums) a couple times, and he is simply the most amazing drummer I've seen. Ben Chasny (guitar - Six Organs of Admittance, Comets On Fire, etc.) I'm familiar with in name only. It is, in a term that I wish could be permanently stricken from the lexicon, a supergroup.

False Flag is clearly a product of the "quick and dirty" approach, but it doesn't suffer from that in the least: rather, it's the sound of three monster talents mixing it up, and the results are immediate rather than sketchy, focused rather than simplified. These are all fully realized pieces . . . which is not to say that, if allowed to germinate and grow, Rangda wouldn't be even better.

The reviews around on this are pretty clear and fairly accurate. There is a sound of Earth mixed with some of Bishop's Eastern tendencies on the slower, more atmospheric stuff, and the "noise" stuff has all the ferocity any junkie could hope for. And, more than just ferocious, there is a depth, soul, and color to the playing that is lacking on a lot of "noise".

And, as a couple people have mentioned in reviews, this will be a can't miss live show. Lexington is already on the schedule, and a friend is working on getting them at a joint within walking distance from the casa. I can't wait.

It's good stuff. Give it a try.

There are a couple good versions of "Bull Lore" on YouTube that I couldn't fit here - definitely worth a look.


Gabino said...

Thanks Bill, that sounds great. Thanks for the heads up.

rootless said...

I'm pretty sure Richard Bishop is playing at Zebulon tonight, across the street from my apartment. He played last Monday as well at Zeb and it was packed out the front door, super hot and sweaty in there. That factor, combined with the fact that I'm ridiculously hungover from calvados, means that I might not make the show, the whole eastern guitar vibe is right up my alley.

Bill Zink said...

Yeah, he'll be there throughout the month, so you'll have another chance to see him (at least I think that's the deal).

Make every effort to get to the show. You won't be sorry, no matter how crowded the joint is.

Bill Zink said...

Yeah, SRB is back at the Zebulon on the 26th at 9:30, and it's a free show. Give it a shot.