Thursday, January 6, 2011

Late to the Party

Even though Bill Zink posted about it back in October or something, I just now got around to listening to "Music For Saharan Cell Phones Vol 1 & 2", and I LOOOOOVE that shit. I definitely appreciate the concept, and you know I appreciate the esoteric cassette only release aspect from Mississippi Records, but the music itself is great. Love the "folky" stuff, but also the Top 40 Vocoder tracks. Some of those jams sound like Diplo.

What do you call that kind of music, generally? I typically say "North African", but I don't know if that is right. Is it "Saharan"?Shit like this:

What is that music called? Tinariwen have that same vibe... not sure if you guys know them, I know Rootless and EJ are down. Even that Ethiopiques shit is from the same region, geographically.

Anyway, if anyone has anything like this PLEASE hit me up for a DVD trade. That "African - Arabian Crossroads" LP I posted in that last record store post is on that tip, so i'll rip it and include it to sweeten the pot.

Take it easy, Merry New Year.


p.s. the sahelsounds blog (also involved in putting out that tape) is deeeeep, check it out if this post has any interest to you.

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rootless said...

Hook me up with Music For Saharan Cell Phones, man. That SahelSounds site looks dope but I'm not seeing any free downloads on there, just a tease. What am I going to do, buy the albums that they are talking about??

I could be wrong here, and I don't feel like fully checking it out right now, but there is a difference between the Ethiopiques vibe and the Tinarawen stuff. Ethiopioques is music from the 60s & 70s from Eritrea and Ethiopia. Geographically, they pretty different from the west African vibe of Tinarawen. Ethiopiques in addition to having that 60s and 70s vibe during which those recordings were made, reflect the cosmopolitan atmosphere in those places, when and where Europe, Africa and the Middle East mix. The Tinarawen shit is some nomad motherfuckers who heard Hendrix on a cassette in their tent in the desert and bugged out. At least that's how I hear it.