Saturday, January 1, 2011

Say It Ain't So, Joe Sarno

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Apparently, the web sheriff got tired of chasing Julian Assange, because he took the time a couple weeks ago to shut down my favorite music blog, Singer Saints. I will really miss this one: its fluid narrative style, breadth and range of taste, and free-associative epiphanies are matchless in the music blogosphere.

I hope against hope that it (or he, he being Joe Sarno) will show up again (much like the rebirth of Bigfatsatanist, now rocking as a blog dealing primarily with the new cassette underground - which is a good idea not only because it's a sub-genre much in need of some sunlight, but also because those guys really want their stuff posted on music blogs). Until then, Mr. Sarno, my hat is off to you.


Igor said...

I had no idea that bigfatsatanist had been reincarnated. That is some amazing news, even if it comes in the wake of the wake for another great blog.

Johnny Pierre said...

Please post any info if Singer Saints gets revived -- thanks!

Martooni said...

Hi. Was hoping to find "Joe Sarno" of Singer Saints.
Adding homemade mixes to our group blog He created a nice mix called "Boss Mambo" going to reup soon.