Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Good Ones

Balam Acab:

Realize i never officially posted about this. I used a track off of Balam Acab's "See Birds" EP as the second song on the 10/10/10 WWALT mix, if you're feeling that (actually need to do another one, guess i missed the 1/11/11 mix).

It's really dope, in the vein of Flying Lotus, etc., but more chill. Really highly recommended, worth paying money if you are into that or can't find it via the Good Captain.

Forest Swords:

Full props go to Rootless for finding this one. He said i'd love it, and after a few failed attempts online i got it at iTunes. It's like DJ Shadow plus live guitar and bass. Actually, i would say it sounds like Balam Acab with guitars... thus putting both under one WWALT post, get it?




rootless said...

Balam Acab = DOPE. I don't think Forest Swords sounds like DJ Shadow at all, but I'll check it out again. Both are good scores.

tj river said...

I could go in blind on 90% of your recommendations. Money again. Thanks.