Monday, January 24, 2011

Nigeria Rock Special! Pyschedelic Afro-Rock & Jazz Funk in 1970s

Check it out! Some songs in English, some not. A few instrumentals, some political lyrics, 70's psychedelia/funk riffs. Track 2 "More bread to the people" is a cool jam. Soundway Records has a lot of African/Latin music comps if you dig that stuff.


Gabino said...

Love this stuff, everything those folk have put out is top notch.

CS said...

This is good. I recently made an afro station on Pandora and it's number 1 with a bullet (for moi). They don't have a ton of stuff, but as I'm not a connoisseur, it's more than enough.

Gabino said...

What is Pandora? You know, besides the source of Unobtainium.