Friday, September 9, 2011

Clams Casino

Heard the name (which is great) but I never checked him out. When i see things like "beat maker for Lil B and Souljah Boy", it doesn't exactly get my spidey sense tingling, if you know what I'm saying. I am more or less over rap right now. That includes Odd Future Hurt Time Kill Yourself or whatever they are called, frankly.

But when Turntablelab gave his untitled instrumental mix tape a "highly recommended" i took notice. It's dope. He self released the instrumental CD for free, I believe, and it is all over MediaFire so easy to pick it up. A few tracks are approaching gayness, but in general its awesome. It actually reminds me of that Balam Acab joint but with hard beats.

In an interview with B.A. on Altered Zones, an interviewer described his music as "using the human voice and syllabic expression for its associative, emotional impact instead of communicating something verbal". That has stuck with me, and came to mind when checking out this Clams Casino joint.

Anyway, this has been in heavy rotation for me and I absolutely recommend grabbing it on mediafire. Later.


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