Sunday, September 11, 2011

Done With Fish

This clip from Spike Jonze's Adaptation totally captures how I feel about records right now.

For the past three years, since I moved to Jersey, I've had a shitty iTunes set up for my home stereo. I've acquired a ton of music digitally in that time, but i just listened to it in the car, on my commute, at work.

This wasn't really a problem thanks to my record habit. 99% of the time at home I listened to vinyl. I regularly bought used and new records. I've been collecting for... 15 years?! I have a ton of records and I play DJ all day everyday.

So recently I threw down on a Sonos system. Dope. A little pricey. but it was super easy to set up, i control it with my iPhone, totally intuitive, you can sync all your rooms, or play different tunes in different rooms. It's great. And through that I'm rediscovering all this music that I've forgotten. And it's so easy to put on, like, all the 100% Dynamite Comps on Shuffle and you're covered for the weekend. Today I put on all my Grant Green tracks for jazz brunch, and I had only gotten through the "J" songs by dinner time.

And just like that... "Done With Fish". That may be a bit extreme (I don't think I'll ever be able to pass a milk crate of records at a garage sale or flea market without stopping) but suddenly where I was pretty obsessed with records now I'm... meh. I'm absolutely at peace with selling off a few shelves worth on eBay.

Anywho, the reason this interests you is that I'm in the throes of a vinyl rip-a-thon over here. I have my system worked out, I'm ripping like 4-5 albums a day. You're going to want to do a DVD trade with me sometime soon.

On that note, can some of you motherfuckers post something please? Thanks.


The Chizzle

P.S. I'm sorry if my use of swear or "curse" words offends anyone. I'm trying to clean up my WWALT act.


Bill Zink said...

What is this "eye-phone" you and the kids speak of?

blablazo said...

Swears on WWALT? Fucking hell, man!!

I feel you on the records but I go in cylces (you know, the way Bobby Brown is just ampin like Michael). I go through periods where I buy anything I'm even remotely interested in and times when I don't buy anything.

I'm on the non-buying part of the cycle right now. Some of that has to do with purchasing a new home and having to furnish it. I'm feeling pretty broke at the moment. So for now I'm just digesting what I already have and ripping a bunch of stuff to mp3s.

My shit is in such disarray right now I haven't had a chance to post anything in a while. When I get settled down in a month or so I'll post some stuff again.

rootless said...

Can I get some props for introducing you to Sonos??

I suggest record consumption based on rarity rather than buying $40 versions of albums you can get free online just because it's neat to have.

Cursing is so gay.

Pete said...

DVD Trade. Yes please. From you or anyone else for that matter.