Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tammar (and St. Vincent)


I admit to seeing this on Pitchfork. Reading the review I was piqued as they are a Bloomington, IN band (my former haunt and music-making locale). The newest record isn't on Spotify, but a couple of older EPs are. Kind of an interesting mish-mash. As the Pitchfork review says, there's some Spacemen 3 in there. I also hear a touch of LCD Soundsystem. I really like the track on the bandcamp page, the EPs sound... um... less mature?

Also, that new St. Vincent, "Strange Mercy." Very good. I wasn't thrilled with the last P.J. Harvey, St. Vincent is supplanting her a tinge.


Bill Zink said...

I'm liking the Tammar on Spotify quite a bit - more than I thought I would.

But, I have a question: is this self-consciously retro, sort of like the Cynics and all those garage bands were in the eighties? Am I, or the audience as a whole, supposed to understand it as retro?

Not that it really matters at the end of the day . . . but I'm just trying to understand the kids and their crazy music.

CS said...

The review I read of their new record (which ain't on Spotify yet... I think), says it's a bit different from their old stuff. I found that single quite retro, but the "I Live Here Now" ep not so much--haven't listened to the other one yet.