Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wild Beast, and a few other notes

I haven't posted in a while, but I have a better excuse than all you non-posters out there (step to me in the comments section if you think you got me beat).

I saw Wild Beasts last night, a band from the UK with a couple albums and I was really impressed. They are probably not for everyone (this means you, DC), the vocals are at times theatric and absurdist and if you were telling me about a band and said that to me I'd say "that shit probably ain't for me", I don't like zaniness in my music, I'm more about emotion and melody than humor or theatrics, but these guys don't overdo it, and feature both of those things, they just color the music at times with some eyebrow-raising falsetto vocals and shouts. I was expecting a thin, gay (in the literal sense, not in the WWLTN controversial ironic sense) dude as the lead singer, but it wasn't like that. Firstly, the vocals are shared by two not too effeminate dudes, they do really well trading off. And secondly, these guys were trading off instruments and working keyboards, really impressive, no lead singer preciousness. Anyway, the music reminds me a bit of Interpol, but less angular, more hypnotic, and the Smiths (who I actually don't like), full of surprises, I've been settling into their new album "Smother".

In terms of other things I'm listening to, the new Washed Out was in high rotation for a while and deserves a shout out. Finally got the good stuff from Imaginary Softwoods and that is gold. The newest Grouper album finally grew on me and is the end of many of my days these days.

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