Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Caretaker

Wow, things are slooooooow on the old WWALT Blog.

I've been meaning to post about this. Any one here check out "The Caretaker"? All I have is his new one, "An Empty Bliss Beyond This World". I'll let you google it youself if you want the guys' life story, but the gist is he makes music using only old 78's of jazz/ballroom music and effects. It creates kind of creepy yet relaxing ambient music.

At first blush it sounded like some guy just playing 78's through a reverb pedal and that's it... but upon repeat listens (and I keep listening...) there is more going on, it's subtle, I honestly don't know how i feel about it. I think i like it. Anyone here check him out? I'd love a second opinion.

Believe it or not, i'd call this one the "single" off the LP.



Igor said...
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Igor said...

It sounds like there are samples from separate two separate sources. The record pops are definitely not part of the same audio signal. They have reverb attached that is not part of the "room" that the rest of the noise is "located" in.

The subtle distance between sound sources makes for a kind of uncanny listen. It sound right, but it also sounds wrong. Very cool.

Igor said...

They're going to show a film this guy did the soundtrack for at the Film Forum here in Seattle. I was doing some searches to find out more about the movie and I followed a link to the bandcamp page where you can download an album of outtake material from the OST for free. The soundtrack itself you have to pay for.

The move is Patience (After Sebald), a movie inspired by Sebald's book The Rings of Saturn.
Free outtake album is here:

The movie trailer is here:

DC said...

Good looking