Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EJ mini post Q2 2012

Yeah, it's been way too long since I've posted too. I've been thinking about downloading pirated music, Spotify, iTunes, and buying CDs the (haha) old-fashioned way in a store. Honestly, I think it's a really interesting subject to explore and I'm happy to say that I have NO definitive answers about any of it.

All I can do is disclose what I think is a good way to approach the whole situation, a way that feels like I'm not ripping off artists, yet I'm not supporting the inherently evil music biz.

I'm at a point where pirated downloads don't feel right to me, unless it's out-of-print music, public domain, or music where the artist isn't going to get some compensation in any case (like a long-deceased artist or an artist that is OFFERING a free download).

I will still download music for free if I'm on the fence about buying or if I don't know any of the artist's work and I want to check it out. If I end up liking what I hear, I will buy some of their music.

In the case of artists that I know and like, I will buy their music through any avenue that they're selling it...except Spotify. For instance, I'm a big Jeff Parker fan, and I saw he has a new album out. Instead of going straight for the "mediafire" option, I found where he was selling the album, took a chance, and bought it. Happy to say, it's a great record and I feel the money was well-spent. Go give it a listen, buy it if you like it!


rootless said...

oh damn, new Jeff Parker! It's not on Spotify, can you hook it up for me on dropbox or something? haha.

EJ said...